Helios: Replace the Load Coil


→ Step 01:
If the Load Coil (PN 105398) is damaged or misshapen, it must be replaced. Visit our store at https://store.fluidigm.com/ and search for Load Coil (SKU 105398).

Switch off the RF generator power using the RFG circuit breaker on the right side of the instrument.

→ Step 02:
Disconnect the Sample Line from the grounding nut and connect it to the side of the Sample Loader. Carefully disconnect the Sample Capillary from the Nebulizer. Disconnect the Nebulizer Gas Line from the side of the instrument and disconnect the gas line from the nebulizer side arm. Remove the 50 mL tube from the nebulizer rest. Disconnect the sample capillary from the grounding nut. Disconnect the makeup gas line and heater connections on the side of the instrument. Remove the heat shield. Remove the ball joint clamp from behind the heater box. Remove the makeup gas line from the Spray Chamber, and remove the spray chamber. Slide the heater (with heat shield) off of the heater guide pins and place aside. Turn the thumbscrews counterclockwise to remove the Torch Assembly from the front face of the instrument.

→ Step 03:
Open the front access door. Undo the four clips on the sides of the front shield and lift off.

→ Step 04:
Using a 7/16 inch wrench, loosen the two nuts holding the load coil. Unscrew the nuts to remove the load coil.

→ Step 05:
Carefully remove the zip ties on the new load coil using a wire cutter. Keep the load coil alignment tool in place.

→ Step 06:
Install the new load coil using the 7/16 inch wrench to tighten the nuts and washers while applying counterforce on the larger nuts with a 9/16 inch wrench.

→ Step 07:
Carefully remove the load coil spacer. Examine the new load coil and make sure that the coils are evenly spaced. Ensure that the arms of the coil are straight and aligned on the same plane.

→ Step 08:
Replace the front shield and fasten the four clips in front. Install the torch assembly from the front of the instrument through the center of the load coil. Turn the thumbscrews on the torch assembly clockwise to install.

*NOTE: Check the torch alignment in the load coil as well as the Z-alignment (see Torch Alignment Check tutorial).